Cube Training Schools  Corporates

Provoke your creativity, imagination, focus and improve your troubleshooting skills. Learn the cube basics to solve it, Cube cannot be solved by a novice without understanding the logical patterns a cube makes and the formulas to be applied to solve it. Trainings are aimed for beginners with no knowledge on cube solving to a national level record holder for speed solves.

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Cube Competitions

We provide a platform for improving your cube solving skills. We conduct monthly competitions at our premises in Secunderabad and create opportunity for bringing all the speed cubers into a single platform. Interactions and understanding different methods while discussing with fellow cubers is the best way to improve your solving skills. Look at our events calendar to see the upcoming events.

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P3 Stand

Busy with school/college and do not have much time to prepare and attend competitions ? Don't worry, we film your solves and publish on our website with your solve timings when you visit our stand. Next time you visit our stand, be sure to break your own record. Your solve details, your school name and your WCA-ID will also get published along with solve details. Our cube stand is governed by few rules.

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We stand  !

We have the ecosystem to provide and improve your cubing skills. The passion and involvement you show is well understood by our team of experts.

The plethora of puzzles like standard 2x2 to 10x10, Pyraminx, Megaminx, etc can all be learnt and practiced. You can get involved in the competitions or you can keep breaking your own record whenever you visit our P3 Stand.

All puzzle requirements are catered through our online store. We have a very good track record of 4 years in serving our customers with various puzzles.

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